•  SUPPLY all TYPES of equipment, devices, online and portable analyzers, fixed and mobile air and water pollution measuring stations including 10-year after-sale services.

•  5 years of HANDS-ON experience in the installation and training air and water pollution measuring stations.

•  repair, service, and calibration of portable dust meters (SHC-501AE) and (SHC-502AE) - made in Germany.

•  repair and maintenance services of dust meter OMD-41 model and other models of dust meter made in Germany( FW-56) ,(FW-100) and (FW-300).

•  Supply spare parts, maintenance and calibration of air pollution analyzers.

•  Supply and installing calibration systems (including ZERO AIR and heater for CO removal devices, calibration cylinder and calibrator).

•  supply Dust Analyzer devices (BAM-1020) from an American company, METONE; Gas Analyzers from an Australian company ECOTECH, and  Zero Air Generator from ECOTECH Australian company.