S350YS fixed scanning laser gas telemetry

S350YS fixed scanning laser gas telemetry consists of two parts: controller and upper controller, based on the principle of laser absorption spectroscopy, the concentration of methane gas in the detection area of the laser transceiver can be monitored online and remotely in real time, and it have the functions of signal acquisition, conversion and transmission.


Functions Features:

  • Three-dimensional space active detection
  • Horizontal 360°, longitudinal 180° rotation scan
  • Camera synchronization capture
  • Live sound and light alarm
  • Background computer monitoring
Detection gas: CH4
Detection range: 0 to 5000pm .m
Sensitivity: 5ppm.m
Detection effective distance: 0 ~ 100 meters
Video camera: with video camera
PTZ scanning angle: 0 ~ 360 °, -90 ~ +90 °
Response time: 0.5 seconds
Working power: AC220V
Output interface: RS485
Explosion-proof mark: Ex ib IIB T4 Gb
Protection level: IP65
Net weight: 30kg
Installation method: seat type installation
Temperature: -25~+50°C
Humidity: (0 ~ 90) % RH without condensation

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