S350AS Handhold laser methane telemeter

S350AS portable laser gas telemetry instrument is composed of optical machine system, signal processing system, display and alarm system and shell components. Mainly used for
remote measurement of methane or methane gas (natural gas, gas or similar gas) concentration. 
The telemeter sends an infrared laser to the detection point, which can quickly measure the concentration of air mass between the detection point and the telemeter. To facilitate observation, the telemeter also fired a visible red laser to the detection point. The telemetry instrument can detect the methane concentration value of the detected location in real time and accurately, display and store the methane concentration value. If the alarm value exceeds the value, the acousto-optic alarm will be given, so that the personnel can make subsequent disposal.

Detection principle:
The measuring principle of the telemetry instrument makes full use of the absorption characteristics of methane gas to a specific wavelength. When the detection beam encounters methane molecules, part of the detection beam will be absorbed by methane molecules. By measuring the absorption rate, the concentration of methane gas mass distributed between the target point and the telemetry device can be known.

S350AS is widely used in the gas transmission and distribution industry.


  • inspection of gas pipe network
  • outdoor riser inspection of natural gas
  • do not enter the house for indoor inspection
  • inspection of natural gas storage tanks
  • remote detection of dangerous gas leakage area
  • detect areas that are difficult for personnel to reach

Functions Features:

  • Miniaturized design, easy to carry
  • quick response in milliseconds, greatly reducing the inspection time and improving work efficiency
  • PPM level high sensitivity, gas leakage caused by early loosening of screws can also be timely detected
  • non-contact detection, especially suitable for areas that are difficult for personnel to access
  • It can be detected through the glass to better protect the personal safety of inspection personnel
  • Fingerprint feature, which is the only response to the gas under test and is not disturbed by other gases
  • It will not poison or drift, greatly increasing the service life of the product
detection range: (0 ~ 5000) PPM ·m (0 ~ 10000) PPM ·m (0 ~ 50000) PPM ·m (0 ~ 100) PPM ·m
detection distance: (1 ~ 100) m (1 ~ 300) m
minimum detection limit: 1ppm·m
Accuracy: ± 5% (relative truth value)
response time: 0.1s
continuous working time: 8h
power supply: lithium battery
display mode: 2.4-inch LCD
alarm display: concentration value turns red, LED light flashes
alarm volume: greater than or equal to 60dB (1 meter)
product size: 180mm x 180mm x 80mm
Net weight of product: 800g
protection level: IP65
explosion-proof grade: Ex ib IIA T3 Gb
ambient temperature: (- 20 ~ 50) ℃
environmental humidity: (0 ~ 95) %RH, no condensation
battery voltage: 7.4v
battery capacity: 3000mAH

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