BT-AEC2689 series laser methane telemeter adopts tunable laser spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology, which can remotely detect methane gas leakage at high speed and accurately. The operator can use this product to directly monitor the methane gas concentration in the visible range (effective test distance ≤ 150 meters) in a safe area. It can fully improve the efficiency and quality of inspections, and make inspections in special and dangerous areas that are inaccessible or difficult to reach safe and convenient, which provides great convenience for general safety inspections. The product is easy to operate, fast response and high sensitivity. Mainly used in areas like city gas distribution pipelines, pressure regulating stations, gas storage tanks, gas filling stations, residential buildings, petrochemical industries and other places where gas leakage may occurs.

Detect gas: CH4Detect
method: Remote detection
Range: 0-100,000 ppm.m
Detect Laser grade: Calss/ eye-safe laser
Indicate laser grade: Calss IIIR Not look directly
IP grade: IP54
Detect distance: regular 30m; accept OEM 30-200m
Ex-proof grade: ExbIIAT4Gb
Response time:< 0.1S
Accurancy: 5ppm.m
Working temperature: -20℃--50℃Continuous working time: 8h
Dimension: 122X156X42mm
Main Unit Net weight: 400g

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