S360 portable multi gas analyzer

 S360 series product is portable multi-gas detection instruments with high sensitivity for industrial use. They are suitable for gas leakage rescue, underground pipelines or mines, etc, and can effectively guarantee the safety of workers and production equipment from being damaged. It can detect different gases according to different types of sensors, with rich functions, simple operation, easy to carry and good shock resistance. This product USES the high resolution touch LCD technology, the display is more intuitive and clear, more convenient to operate. The product can be equipped with high temperature detector, suitable for high temperature gas occasions.

Functions Features:

  • Large screen color Chinese menu operation
  • High-resolution touch LCD display
  • Quick detection of gas leak points
  • Adjustable range
  • quick preheating, quick response time
  • Sound vibration alarm signal
  • Convenient zero adjustment, convenient and quick
  • It can detect up to 16 free combinations of gases
  • High temperature gas analyzer
  • Temperature and humidity gas analyzer
  • Industrial waste gas analyzer
  • Boiler, chimney, kiln, rotary furnace, cement kiln, kiln gas analyzer
Product name: multi-gas analyzer
Product model: S360
Product specification: according to the type of gas being measured
Sampling mode: built-in pump suction type
Response time: ≤30s
Indication error: ≤3%FS
Work environment: temperature -10℃~55℃;Relative humidity : ≤ 93% (no condensing)
Storage environment: Temperature: -10℃ ~ 55℃; Relative humidity: ≤93% (no condensation)
Preheating time: ≤90s
Indication mode: LCD color touch LCD display
Charging time: no less than 10 hours
Continuous working time: no less than 15 hours
Battery specification: DC7.2 v-26ah lithium ion rechargeable battery
Weight: about 4.75kg
Size: 293x110x210(mm)

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