Goshayegaran Fan Sanat Company, with the exclusive representation and supply of the most reputable European and Asian manufacturers, some of which are mentioned below, operates in the field of portable and fixed measuring, monitoring and control equipment in Iran and acts as the official representative. These companies, while providing, installing and commissioning the above systems, perform all after-sales services such as training, calibration, service, repairs and supply of spare parts for the equipment provided.
This company with 15 years of experience as a supplier, installation and commissioning of various equipment as one of the main environmental contractors in Iran.
It is worth mentioning that this company is proud to have provided this equipment in many petrochemical industries, copper and steel industries, cement as well as other industrial centers of the country such as power plants, oil and gas refineries and the Environment Organization.

Seitron Italy

Portable gas analyzers for monitoring all types of ambient gases, process gases and flue gases, industrial and domestic safety and leak detection equipment, thermostats, etc.

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Dadolab Italy

Exhaust dust sampler from chimney, dioxin and eruption and heavy metals, ambient dust sampler etc.

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Honeywell America

Portable and fixed gas meter to measure toxic, flammable and oxygen gases

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Crowcon England

Safety equipment includes portable and fixed gas meters and so on

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Electronic Detection Technology CO China

Safety and gas measuring equipment, alcohol testers, various gas leak detectors, etc.

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