About Us

•  6 years of direct and hands-on experience in air and water pollution monitoring stations installation and related training.

•  supply all types of equipment, devices, online and portable analyzers, fixed and mobile air and water pollution measuring stations including 10-year after-sale services.

•  distribution and services - B&C Electronic - online water analyzers - Italy.

•  distribution and services - ETG Risorse e Tecnologia - online gas analyzers and online chimney analyzers - Italy.

•  6 years of field experience in operating, maintenance and repairing of air  pollution monitoring stations, meteorological and water.



Certificates of technical management, maintenance and repair management:


•  Certificate of competence from Netherlands company SYNSPEC

•  Certificate of competence from Australian company ECOTECH

•  Certificate of competence from Italian company TCR TECORA

•  system operations introductory courses - dust metering devices PM10&PM2.5 from companies MET ONE and NEPHLOMETER.



Areas of research:


•  gas sensors and other air and water pollutants / parametrics such as:

ü  O3, SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, NH3, H2S…

ü  TU, PH, ORP, conductivity, D, OXYGEN, CL, TEMP…


•  meteorological sensors such as humidity, temperature ,wind speed and direction, pressure, rain gauge, damaging rays of the sun and…